Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School students brought spare change to donate $787 to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School in Pennsbury held their 10th annual ‘Super Duper Bowl’ on Friday, January 31st. 

5th grade teachers Roger Kean and Jason Miller at Roosevelt Elementary started the tradition.  They wanted their students to have fun and give back to their communities.

Pennsbury School District Superintendent William Gretzula said it’s a staple and tradition for the school.  He added, “The teachers are really willing to have these genuine and positive relationships with these kids; it’s really inspiring.”

The students donated $787 to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, simply by bringing in spare change on their own accord while preparing for the big game.

“The kids compete with each other to see how much change they can bring in, and how many canned goods they can bring in, and then that goes to the Emergency Homeless Shelter of Levittown,” said Principal Lisa Follman.

All of the kids’ hard work leads up to their largely celebrated pep-rally and football game after school.  The 5th graders play each other on the field while the rest of the school cheers on their classmates with signs, singing, and dancing. Family members were invited as well to enjoy the festivities, and watch their kids celebrate their hard work.