A Tullytown man has pleaded guilty to abusing two teenage boys. One of the victims was a foster child in his own care.

John Michael Evans, 40, also pleaded guilty to sex trafficking a minor. 

Evans had particularly close contact with children through his job. He worked as a bus driver for the Pennsbury and Bristol Township school districts.

John Michael Evans, 40. Image via Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.

Deputy District Attorney Mary Kate Kohler told the court Tuesday Evans began abusing his first victim in January 2017. This teenage boy, who was not in Evans’ care, took it upon himself to report Evans to police in December 2019.

But tragically, prosecutors did not have enough evidence to bring charges.

Then in April 2020, Evans began abusing a foster child in his care. This victim, who was 16 at the time, endured the abuse for two months.

Prosecutors say Evans would arrange encounters between his foster child and other men. He told the victim to lie and say he was an adult.

Investigators also found Evans had nude photos of the foster child.

Evans told his foster child no one would believe him, just like his first victim. But he was wrong.

When this second victim came forward in June 2020, authorities reopened the investigation.

District Attorney Matt Weintraub announced charges within the same month.

“These two young men have probably spared more victims from abuse at the hands of this serial child predator by bravely coming forward to police about how he victimized them,” said Weintraub at the time.

The Sex Offender Assessment Board is conducting an evaluation of Evans’ case. His sentencing is set for early March.