Colin Haag, 21, after his preliminary arraignment in Bristol Township last April. Photo by Charlotte Reese.

The Bristol Township man who fatally stabbed his teenage cousin more than 160 times then shot her will be spending decades behind bars. Colin Haag, 21, plead guilty Thursday to the brutal slaying in exchange for avoiding the death penalty.

Haag was living with his uncle and Autumn Bartle, 14, in Croydon last March. When the uncle left for work one evening around 5 p.m., Haag made his attack seemingly out of nowhere.

Bartle’s mother Tiffany Larison found her daughter barely alive and profusely bleeding when she returned home at 6:30 p.m. Bartle fought for three days before passing away at St. Christopher’s Hospital in Philadelphia.

An investigation at the scene indicated Bartle attempted to escape from the man living in her home. Police say bloody hand prints on the window show Haag closed her only way out once he cornered Bartle in the bathroom.

Bartle’s family refused to use Colin Haag’s name in court, instead choosing to refer to him as “the defendant.” Haag’s uncle and Bartle’s father Michael Bartle Jr. called his daughter a “miracle.”

Autumn Bartle will continue to help people after her untimely death as she was an organ donor.

“She will never be gone, her magic has been spread,” Larison said. “She is loved and will never ever be gone.”

Haag, 21. Visible wounds indicate a self-inflicted gunshot entered his neck and exited on the right side of his head.

Her murderer only offered an apology through his attorney.

Haag tried to shoot himself in an attempt to avoid prison before police found him walking along State Road later that fateful evening. He was carrying a handgun stolen from Bartle Jr.’s bedroom at the time.

President Judge Wallace Bateman Jr. called the attack “graphic,” “despicable” and “almost indescribable.” He then sentenced Haag to between 33.5 and 67 years in state prison.