Levittown Car Wash To Replace Fenced Off Gas Station

The closed Shell gas station. Photo by Rick Rickman.

A new business has received approval to open up at the intersection of New Falls Road and Hood Boulevard in Falls Township.

Levittown Car Wash, LLC will replace the closed Shell gas station which currently sits vacant on the corner. A large fence closes off the lot from passersby, including students walking to and from Pennsbury High School down the road.

The closed gas station was the site of a fuel mix up in June 2017, leaving several vehicles inoperable. A fuel supplier had accidentally filled a storage tank for regular fuel with diesel. Four people were sentenced for making false insurance claims after the incident.

Now, new owner Imran Malik wants to take the location and transform it into an automated car wash. Malik already owns two other car washes, including Jr’s Express Car Wash at the intersection of Bristol Oxford Valley Rd and New Falls Rd.

The side car wash at the closed Shell gas station. Photo by Rick Rickman.

The former gas station has a small drive-thru wash off to the side of the lot. Malik’s vision includes taking the existing small car wash and expanding on it.

Malik would also remove the eight existing fuel pumps and convert the convenience store into employee offices.

The Falls Township Board of Supervisors approved the measure at Monday’s meeting.

“I’m excited about the renovation there. That was long overdue,” said Supervisor John Palmer. “It was an eyesore and bringing a new business, we’re excited about that.”

One concern was in regards to traffic with the high school nearby. The property will only allow one-way traffic; it will enter from New Falls Road and exit onto Hood Boulevard.

The owner has agreed to limit left turns onto Hood Boulevard during peak hours in the afternoon. Project engineer Kristen Holmes clarified the peak hours of the car wash will be offset from the busiest times after school.