Lawmakers Urge Public Pressure For Scudder Falls Bridge Toll Equality

Scudder Falls Bridge toll lanes.

The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission hosted a meeting Monday where the public was able to weigh in on rate inequalities Pennsylvanian E-ZPass users experience compared to New Jersey users. Residents were able to voice their concerns, especially regarding the Scudder Falls Bridge.

In July, State Rep. Wendi Thomas collected more than 1,100 names on a petition for rate equality. She sent the petition to the DRJTBC with a letter cosigned by State Rep. Gene DiGirolamo and Commissioner Chairman Rob Loughery.

Three months later, DRJTBC Executive Director Joseph Resta responded.

The response explained he “cannot unilaterally change the toll structure without express approval by the DRJTBC’s Board of Commissioners,” and that could only happen when “opportunity for public comment at DRJTBC Commission Meetings occurs when the Chairman announces any comments on “New Business” towards the end of the meeting.”

Thomas found the response unsatisfactory.

“It’s obvious this simple decision will require personal pressure,” Thomas said. “The petitions were not enough. They will need an overwhelming show of support for changing the system to bring fairness to those who use PA E-Zpass systems. So, I urge everyone concerned to fill that meeting room and have your voices heard.”

Additionally, Thomas sent video testimony to the meeting, available here.