Only a few hours remain for Pennsylvanians who have not yet registered to vote in the June 2 Primary Election. While most other options are now unavailable, registering online is still an option through the night.

Pennsylvania voters can register to vote online at Click “How to Register to Vote” then select “Pennsylvania’s accessible online form.”

Originally, the election was scheduled for April 28. However, the state prioritized dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and worried going to the polls might increase community spread.

Voters will be choosing party nominees for several federal and state officials. Nominees for the President, US Congress, state Attorney General, Auditor General, and Treasurer are all on the table. Other more localized elections, like state House in odd-numbered districts, will also be on the ballot.

PA Secretary of State Kathy Bookvar is encouraging voters to obtain a mail-in ballot for the primary. However, she recognizes the state is not yet capable of holding an election entirely by mail.

Once registered to vote, the last day to apply for a mail-in ballot is May 26 at 5 p.m.