Dylan Schuch, 19. Photo via Crimewatch.

Two young men are charged with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats after an altercation at a party in Langhorne.

The Lower Southampton Township Police responded to a call August 24 to investigate an assault with a gun at the 2600 block of Creek Road.

Dylan Schuch, 19, and Edward Schuch, 18, were partying with their friends Sunday evening and heavily intoxicated when a man came to their door and told them to stop the ruckus.

Dylan then pulled out what appeared to be a firearm and threatened to shoot the party interrupter. An investigation revealed the gun was really an Airsoft replica of a Baretta pistol.

Edward Schuch, 18. Photo via Crimewatch.

Magisterial District Judge Seaman set bail at 10% of $75,000 for each man and they will remain in Bucks County Prison pending a court date.