Kanga Roof Provides Free Roof To Croydon Couple

Abe Brooks (left) with Patricia and Dave Hawkey in their home.

Kanga Roof has once again provided a free, new roof to a home in Croydon to a couple who needs it most. The local roofing company went to work Friday after neighbors nominated a well deserving family for the annual giveaway.

Patricia and Dave Hawkey live in small home on Sycamore Avenue. The Hawkeys share a love of bowling, and won a 1983-84 competition at Levittown Lanes on New Falls Road. They even had their marriage ceremony at a bowling alley in Tullytown.

Kanga Roof workers build a new roof for the Hawkey family. “This roof is Santa ready.”

But as time went on, life took its course. Patricia survived breast cancer in 1992, then more recently faced lung cancer in 2013. She is a cancer survivor, twice over.

Now Patricia lives with COPD. Dave bought her an oxygen tank as a birthday present so she could go outside. And through the years, the roof had leaks and other problems, with only temporary fixes.

Despite being in their mid 70s, Dave is still working to pay the bills. He even spent some time in the hospital the day after the Eagles won the Super Bowl. With medical costs, paying for a new roof was simply not in the cards.

Patricia’s family knew there were problems. And every year, Kanga Roof provides a free roof to a deserving home. It was a perfect match.

“I’m worried about leaks and the possibility of mold which would only lead to more lung problems,” Patricia’s sister, Ruth, wrote to Kanga Roof. “A new roof would be a life saver for Pat, literally.”

The old, removed roof, with mold gowning underneath.

So Abe Brooks Sr. and his team with Kanga Roof went to work. As Ruth feared, they took off the old roof and found mold, rot, and no insulation.

But now, the Hawkeys have a new roof complete with insulation. Brooks estimated the cost would have been around $15,000.

“Best Christmas present ever,” Patricia said. Dave added, “It takes a lot of weight off our shoulders because we had no idea how we were going to replace it.”

Brooks, who founded the business with his brother Alf, began providing new roofs to members of the community several years ago. It started when a close friend passed away from throat cancer.

The friend’s wife, Denise, had been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Before passing away, he stated he wanted to use part of the life insurance money for a new roof.

Instead, Kanga Roof built it for free. Kanga Roof cherished the feeling and went on to provide a new roof for one home every holiday season.

On Christmas Day, the team will publish a video to its Facebook page with before, during, and after shots of the Hawkey home.