The jury deliberating Wednesday afternoon on charges against accused murderer Sean Kratz, who faces first degree murder for his role in the 2017 Solebury Slayings. A foreperson representing the jury presented questions to the judge related to their decision.

Judge Jeffrey L. Finley answered several questions about charges and evidence. Some of the questions indicate the jurors are strongly considering a guilty verdict.

Sean Kratz’s mother walks the halls of the Bucks County Justice Center.

First, the jurors wanted to know if a person could be convicted on multiple counts of murder. Finley answered an individual can be convicted of both first degree murder and felony murder, only one, or neither.

However, Finley could not answer another question. It seemed the jury wanted to see inside Kratz’s mind, as they asked why Kratz did not take a 3rd degree murder plea deal. They accepted no answer and moved on.

Additionally the jury wanted to re-listen to a specific piece of evidence. The audio recording is of a conversation between Kratz and his mother about the plea deal. It could also open a small window into Kratz’s frame of mind.

There may be a decision before the end of the day, though it is not guaranteed. Kratz could face the death penalty if convicted.