The highest ranking judge in the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas has struck a blow to State Rep. Tina Davis in her continued search for the Sixth Senate District seat. President Judge Jeffrey Finley denied her request Monday to count mail-in ballots received after the Nov. 2nd due date.

In an email, Davis’ attorney Adam Bonin expressed his and his client’s reaction to the ruling.

“Obviously, we’re disappointed,” Bonin said. “But we learned some things during hearing which should be upsetting to voters — namely, that even with the Board of Elections doing its best, almost three quarters of the voters who tried to apply for absentee ballots in the final two days were unable to cast their ballots in time.”

The decision means State Sen. Tommy Tomlinson will remain victorious in his campaign to seek reelection. But even though it has been three weeks since election day, Bonin indicated Davis may not be completely done.

“The voters did what they were supposed to do,” Bonin continued. “The problem is an Election Code which unconstitutionally places unnecessary burdens in the way of their right to vote. We’re exploring all our options.”

Meanwhile, the Tomlinson campaign is continuing to celebrate the victory Sen. Tomlinson declared on election night despite only a 100 vote difference, which has since diminished to 74 ballots.

“This was a tough campaign, and despite far more registered Democrats than Republicans in the district, Senator Tomlinson’s message of people over politics earned him a hard fought victory,” Campaign Manager Ryan Skoczylas said in an emailed statement. “Our campaign has not received any concession from Representative Davis, nor do we expect one. Senator Tomlinson is excited to continue his work serving the people of Bucks County.”

Skoczylas continued, saying the legal move asked a judge to change the rules of an election after the totals were already counted.

“Senator Tomlinson is thankful Judge Finley saw the frivolous petition by Representative Davis for what it was, upheld State Law, and enforced the Commonwealth’s Election Code today. It was a victory for the Rule of Law and the common sense premise that you can’t change the rules after you lose.”

While all signs point to Tomlinson remaining state Senator, it is unclear what steps Davis will take next in her quest to unseat her opponent.