The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation held its annual JDRF One Walk in Warminster Community park this morning and raised $232,763 for Type 1 diabetes research.

Children with T1D prepare for the three mile walk. Photo by Erica Darragh.

The three mile walk began at 10 a.m., but starting at 9 a.m. a band, DJ, kids activities tent, and zumba warm-ups helped get people energized for the walk. Sunny weather and warm temperatures set the tone of hoping for a brighter future in which people may no longer face a diabetic lifestyle.

JDRF Development Manager for the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter Bonnie Snyder Abrams joined Pat Wandling on Speak Your Piece Friday to talk about the walk and that while progress is being made, it is important to temper expectations and realize a diagnosis changes lives permanently.

“We know that in 30 years research will provide us with new ways to manage this disease better and provide a better quality of life,” Abrams said. “But there’s no guarantee that in the next 30 years we’re going to find the cure for this.”

Erica Darragh is the mother of a child with T1D and said on Speak Your Piece she has met people from all walks of life since her daughter’s diagnosis at age 13.

“I find ourselves lucky my daughter wasn’t diagnosed until 13 because she is very responsible, aware, and knows what a low sugar feels like,” Darragh explained. “A friend I’ve met has a two-year-old son and she lives in fear because he can’t verbalize what he is experiencing. She has become a hermit because she’s afraid to go out.”

The JDRF One Walk is not unique to Warminster, as today’s walk in Bucks County is just one of 210 One Walks taking place across the country. However, there is a local connection to the organization as JDRF was founded in Philadelphia.

Last year’s walk brought in 4,000 people to participate and support walkers in their quest to find a cure for the disease affecting 1.25 million Americans. While the goal was to raise almost $370,000 for this years walk, the amount raised is still a sizable dent towards progress.

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