Jail Inmate Sentenced For “Shanking” Fellow Prisoner

Martin Andrew McLoughlin III, 28. Image via Crimewatch.

A former Bucks County Jail inmate is spending up to an additional 22 years in state prison for stabbing another prisoner at breakfast.

Martin Andrew McLoughlin III, 28, sharpened a piece of wood before the incident in the dining hall on Oct. 9, 2018. Then he drove it repeatedly into his victim’s head, neck, upper back and side.

“If I wanted him dead, he would be,” McLoughlin said, according to court documents. The victim survived the brutal attack.

The “shank” inside an evidence bag, measure more than six inches. Image via Crimewatch.

McLoughlin, a Bensalem resident, had planned for a days to attack the man as a way to “reprimand” him. Methodically, he struck up a conversation with his target while in line for food in the dining hall.

Then, after both inmates were eating at the same table, McLoughlin struck. He stabbed his target at least five times, according to the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.

McLoughlin spent part of this past Thursday in court to finalize his plea deal. But he “chuckled” as evidence was read into the record.

“By your own words and behavior in this courtroom, you’ve made clear you can’t be in society,” said Judge Jeffrey Finley. “If this had been a murder, this would have been the case study in premeditation.”

McLoughlin was already set to transfer to state prison for an unrelated criminal offense. Now, he has an extra 8.5 to 22 years.