More than 800 students from every school district in Bucks County will be visiting Delaware Valley University as part of the iSTEAMM conference this Thursday. Funded by United Way Bucks, the goal is to introduce seventh and eighth graders to all sorts of career paths in a multitude of fields.

Though STEAMM is STEM with arts and manufacturing built in, there are many options for sessions. UWBucks President & Chief Executive Officer Marissa Christie says some workshops include veterinary practice, economics, and pharmaceuticals.

“The idea is to give kids the opportunity to attend sessions that interest them,” Christie said. “And to read the descriptions, then to think about what sounds interesting, even if it’s not a field they had considered before.”

iSTEAMM is the largest educational conference in Bucks County. Students will participate in one large panel discussion and two small workshops each. The entire event is led by experts in their respective fields.

“I’m really excited about this one,” Christie said. “This is the first time we’ve brought the manufacturing piece in, and for me that’s really important. I think what a lot of folks don’t realize is, in ten years time, if things stay as projected we’re going to have about 4 million unfilled openings in high-tech manufacturing roles.”

The event is organized by the Bucks County Intermediate Unit and presented by PECO.