What started as a typical recreation league softball game ended in bizarre fashion this past weekend. Queen Anne Park hosted two teams and the Middletown Police Department.

The second game of a morning double-header between the Inglorious Batters and Bad News Bears ended after just three innings when an inner-team brawl broke out within the Bad News Bears.

Middletown Police Arriving at Queen Anne Park after a call of disturbance was placed.

“All of the sudden the other team starts completely fighting each other out of no where,” said David Laiter, a Real Estate Sales Agent and Inglorious Batters captain. “Eventually their entire team got involved.”

Although the initial cause of the fight remains unknown, Laiter has his suspicions.

“Apparently one of the players said, ’I’ve had enough’ and one of his teammates said, ‘Fine, don’t come back’ and that was enough to set everyone off.”

The physical altercation between two players soon turned into a team-wide brawl.

“The one player had to be at least 350 pounds,” Laiter explained. “It took practically the entire team to hold him down.”

Despite the violence, no arrests were made and no injuries were reported.

“There was a disturbance of arguing called in,” Steve Forman, a Middletown Police Detective Lieutenant, said. “By the time the Bucks County Park Rangers arrived, the players had resolved the argument and everyone was leaving.”

The Bad News Bears were forced to forfeit the contest, improving the first place Inglorious Batters’ record to 10-2.