Homes Condemned After Storm Topples Trees

Crews work on a home on the 200 block of Belmont Avenue after a tree fell on it Sunday evening. Photo by Wes Champlin.

Residents of three condemned homes are receiving aid from the American Red Cross after storms sent trees crashing onto houses in Croydon Sunday night.

More than 900 PECO customers in a concentrated area near the Croydon Train Station were without power at the pinnacle of the storm, according to Fire Marshall Kevin Dippolito. As of 9:50 a.m. Monday, 117 homes were still in the dark, though more recent data Monday evening indicates only a couple dozen customers are still affected.

A home near the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue was missed by the trunk of a large tree, but still suffered damage. Photo by Wes Champlin.

Residents near one damaged home on the corner of Pennsylvania Ave. and Wyoming St. told this news organization their whole block was without power after a tree toppled. Neighbors reported hearing a loud bang, then about 20 minutes later their electricity was dead.

Another house on Belmont Avenue was hit by an oak tree around 11 p.m. Nearby citizens relayed that there were no power outages or loud noises at this location. A tree service was on site all night and through the morning trying to take the down the behemoth safely.

Locals believe one cause of this felling was the large rainfall. Because of the rain, they say, the ground was very moist, making it easier for trees to become uprooted with high winds.

The apartments above Croydon Mini Mart on Rt. 13 and Newportville Road also suffered damage, as the rubber deck roof was blown off.

In addition, many other trees were blown onto roads and have since been cleared by PennDOT in conjunction with Bristol Township Public Works.

Fire Marshall Dippolito set up a command center in the middle of the CVS parking lot on Rt. 13 to coordinate relief efforts between the various groups and agencies.

WBCB’s Wes Champlin contributed to this post.