Holocaust Survivors Join Pat Wandling On “Speak Your Piece”

Pat Wandling speaks with a Holocaust survivor on Speak Your Piece this past June.

Holocaust survivor Danny Goldsmith and Allan Silverberg, who is the Junior Vice Commander of the Fegelson Young Feinberg Post 697 of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America, joined Speak Your Piece host Pat Wandling on WBCB Tuesday afternoon.

Silverberg is the committee chairman for the local Jewish War Veterans Post’s Holocaust Remembrance Education Program, which offers free educational presentations about the genocide at schools, libraries and other community spaces in the Delaware Valley.

Silverberg and Goldsmith want to ensure people remember and study the Holocaust. The Nazi Germany systemically murdered Jewish people and other groups, resulting the in the Jewish population of Europe decreasing by nearly two-thirds from 1933 to 1945.

“It’s very unfortunate that because the Holocaust happened almost three generations ago, that the younger generation, I’m talking about the Millennials, most of them really don’t know too much about the Holocaust.”

Goldsmith, 86, survived as a child in Belgium.

“We thought that the train that we were on was going to go to a train in Belgium called Malines, and we thought that was the only city that they transported Jews to Auschwitz,” Goldsmith said.

“We thought we were on our way there,” he added.

The two highlighted an alarming trend of increasing numbers of anti-Semitic incidents. Anti-Semitic incidents rose nearly 60 percent in 2017 from the previous year, according to a report from the Anti-Defamation League. There was an 86 percent increase in incidents of vandalism.

The ADL reported 457 anti-Semitic incidents at K-12 schools in 2017, marking a 94 percent increase from 2016.

Since 1900, about 120 million people have been killed in acts of genocide, Silverberg said. Making sure people are aware of the Holocaust is important, he said, so they can learn and something like it doesn’t happen again.

“The main thing really is education,” Goldsmith said.

The full interview is available on WBCB1490.com.

WBCB’s Evan Easterling contributed to this report.