It’s a holiday and everyone can expect the police checkpoints to be out and about.

PennDOT is reminding the public that the DUI task forces in local communities will be conducting checkpoints and traffic law enforcement activities in conjunction with the July 4th holiday as part of the statewide Independence Day Mobilization which runs through Wednesday, July 4.

State data shows that over the Independence Day holiday period last year, there were 2,902 crashes and 40 fatalities statewide. Of those, 273 crashes and 10 fatalities were alcohol-impaired driving-related. Drug use is also a factor, and PennDOT also adds another 108 crashes and five fatalities with connection to drug impaired driving.

Law Enforcement will also be taking to the waterways to enforce the “Boating Under the Influence” laws to keep the rivers and lakes safe for all to enjoy.