The Bristol Township Fire Marshal is reporting the source of a two-shed fire in Croydon was a heat lamp. The blaze on the 1200 block of Second Avenue last Wednesday evening, Dec. 5, completely destroyed the home owner’s shed and damaged his neighbor’s shed as well.

Fortunately, Fire Marshal Kevin Dippolito reported no injuries after the Croydon, Third District, and Newportville fire companies responded to the scene and doused the flames.

An example heat lamp.
An example heat lamp.

Dippolito recommends people mind where they put fire hazards. Any piece of equipment that heats up can start a fire.

“It’s really not advisable to leave a heat lamp unattended,” Dippolito said. “You never know what’s going to happen. If they are inadvertently knocked off, fall down, a bulb explodes, you could end up with a fire.”

A heat lamp can always be a potential danger, but there are ways to mitigate the chance of a blaze.

“It should be based on the manufacturer’s directions, but common sense has to play a role in it,” Dippolito explained. “If it can be knocked over, bumped, or blown over, then take appropriate steps to secure it.”

However, the question remains as to the circumstances surrounding two fires just a week prior to this incident.

The RV consumed in the blaze on November 25th.
The RV consumed in the blaze on November 25th. Photo by Rick Rickman.

The Fire Marshal is still investigating two fires just half a mile and 45 minutes apart in Bristol Township.

Surveillance footage indicates an arsonist is responsible for one fire at a private, fenced off lot on Silvi Avenue. The blaze the evening of Sunday, Nov. 25, destroyed two pickup trucks and damage trailers around it.

Meanwhile, up the road at a used car lot, an inferno consumed an RV and broke the glass of cars around it. Investigators believe homeless people were using the camper as a makeshift residence.

It is unclear whether the proximity of the fires is coincidence at this point.