Halloween has never been my favorite holiday, but now I must stand up for the celebration of hobgoblins and ghosts of the night.

Stop Halloween? It seems some bloggers are out there objecting to Halloween and noted some schools have canceled their Halloweens parades. Underlying that move is fear certain costumes might offend someone or some group, I assume. One blog specifically mentioned Disney “princess” characters, I believe Polynesian, as an example of what could be a “racially-oriented” costume. Oh, my.

Something new is happening to something really old. Halloween is a Celtic tradition that began 2,000 years ago in Ireland – called Samhain (Sow-een) which is the name for November. Samhain was celebrated on November 1, as the festival that marked the end of the light part of the year and the beginning of the dark. At that time, the year was divided into light and dark months.

Notably, Samhain was a pagan tradition, but as Christianity spread across Europe it became Halloween or All Hallows Eve — they prayed for the dead, some dressed up as ghosts, and poor children would go door-to-door looking for donations of food or sweets.

Trick or treat?…

Regarding the bizarre attempt in some circles to kill Halloween, I wonder if they would be happier just calling it a “Fall Festival,” breaking out the pumpkins and corn stalks, praying for dead relatives — and hoping the night is totally ghost-free. BOO!