A Philadelphia resident is heading to prison after burglarizing three separate counties.

Robert Imhoff, 47, has been sentenced to 3-15 years on three separate burglary charges.

The first incident occurred on June 30th of last year.  Imhoff and an accomplice used a hammer to break through the glass door to Aston Beverages, put cigarettes in a trash bag, and proceeded to run off. The crime was captured on a security tape.

On June 12th at 4:10am, of last year, Imhoff fled the scene of a crime after breaking the front door of the Bath Street Market.

Photo: Bucks County Crime Watch. Robert Imhoff, 47.

Nine days following his second incident, surveillance footage displayed Imhoff and an accomplice shattering the front door of the Sunoco on DeKalb Pike in Whitpain.

Law enforcement was able to identify Imhoff with the ample security footage.

In addition to prison time, Imhoff has to pay a combined total of $6,766 to the three businesses he vandalized.

Defense Attorney David Schatz framed Imhoff’s crimes as a result of his heroin addiction.

“His addiction is consistently leading him back to jail,” Schatz stated.

WBCB’s Jackson Sternberg contributed to this report.