Tuesday evening, neighbors and friends joined the celebration in welcoming a family to their new Habitat home on Mill Drive.

Photo courtesy Habitat for Humanity: Aaron, 9

The new Levittown home will provide a space for Aaron, 9, and his five other family members. Previously, the family was living in a cramped basement apartment.

Florence Kawoczka, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County, explained Aaron and his three brothers did not have a quiet space to do “homework, recharge, dream and grow.”

“This family has always done everything they can to provide a healthy home,” Kawoczka said. “They were frustrated that even though they work hard, a house of their own still seemed so far out of reach.”

Volunteers and staff worked nearly 150 hours to build the three-bedroom home with an affordable zero-interest Habitat mortgage.

Aaron and his family officially moved in Dec. 12 with a special home dedication ceremony, as Kawoczka said, “every child deserves a decent place to grow up.”

“Thanks to our many volunteers and our home sponsors, Parx Casino and BB&T, nine-year-old Aaron and his brothers are going to get that chance.”

For more information about Habitat Bucks, please call 215.822.2812 or visit www.habitatbucks.org