Pennsylvania is giving state funding grants to two Bucks County organizations to help people with disabilities and student interns.

The PA Department of Community and Economic Development is doling out $150,000 to Habitat Bucks. This money will go towards two dozen homes throughout for accessibility modifications, the DCED announced Monday.

“In order for our economy to thrive, we need to help build strong communities,” DCED Secretary Dennis Davin said. “Strong communities attract businesses that create jobs, and strong business environments attract new residents to the area and grow the local economy. That’s why these projects are so vital to the areas in which they’re located.”

Meanwhile, the Bucks County Workforce Development Board is getting $217,663 from the state. Governor Tom Wolf explained the goal of this funding in a press release.

“These funds will provide at least 1,000 young Pennsylvanians with paid work experiences to help them develop the job skills they need to succeed in our 21st century economy,” said Wolf. “The State/Local Internship Program provides for summer internships with local employers across the commonwealth to give program participants the real-world work experience they need to pursue future employment opportunities.”

The eight week internship program begins on May 6 and will offer interns $10.35 an hour. It is targeted towards young adults between the ages of 16 and 24.