The publicly supported organization, The Philadelphia Foundation, manages over 900 charitable funds and awards thousands of scholarships and grants each year. This year, Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County is proud to be on that list.

“The one thing that’s really special about the funding from The Philadelphia Foundation is that its general operating support,” explained Resource Development Director Candace Clarke.

“Fewer and fewer foundations are offering that type of support which makes it very valuable for nonprofits.”

With this year’s contribution of $30,000, The Philadelphia Foundation will help support two of Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County’s biggest programs.

The first is the Home Repair program, which makes interior and exterior repairs to help aging and disabled individuals remain safe in their own homes. The other is the Homeownership Program, which has built 112 affordable homes in Bucks County since the organization’s inception in 1990.

As a grantee of The Philadelphia Foundation, Habitat Bucks will also be provided access to Catchafire, an online tool that helps connect nonprofits with professionals looking to give back.

“We’re going to hopefully have more Catchafire projects and really take advantage of their expertise in marketing and social media.”

Last year’s partnership with Catchafire allowed the organization access to professionals who redesigned their corporate partnership package, something Clarke says would have been out of reach without TPF.

WBCB’s Brianna Williams contributed to this report.