A person who could not support her dream of home ownership will be moving into her new abode this afternoon thanks to Habitat Bucks. The home was dedicated to the new owner Wednesday.

According to Family Program Director Stefanie Clark, a single woman named whose income had prevented her from moving out of her parents’ house named Elaine is buying her first home in Morrisville Friday for its fully valued price of $245,000.

Elaine will be paying taxes on the home like any home owner, and though she is receiving aid from the county, the agreement mandates she will pay every cent back at an affordable rate.¬†Thanks to the financial help provided as part of Habitat for Humanity’s programs, Elaine obtained an affordable mortgage.

Clark stated the home was purchased through the National Community Stabilization Trust. The non-profit organization takes bank owned properties and offers them to other non-profits before they are placed on the open market.

The women Habitat Bucks volunteer to help make home ownership a reality.

Since applying for her Habitat Home in March, she has invested hours of sweat into helping build her new house in Morrisville with the help of volunteers and helped renovate throughout the entire process, especially during National Women Build Week in May.

The home was entirely renovated, at one point only having wooden posts supporting the ceiling. The home’s structure was thought to be sound until demolition revealed a back wall riddled with termite damage.

The home had other issues as well, including a claustrophobic bathroom layout and poor insulation. Habitat Bucks reorganized the house’s layout and installed new, more effective insulation.

Clark acknowledged the process was hard work for every person involved, but is grateful for the opportunity to help Elaine. Clark also gave most of the credit in the process to Elaine.

“Being a part of watching someone achieve something that she never thought would happen for her is the best feeling,” Clark said. “All I did was push paper in front of her.”