Habitat Bucks Building Four New Affordable Homes

Habitat Bucks breaks ground at four new affordable homes in Morrisville in Oct. 2018.

Habitat Bucks broke ground today when they announced four new homes in Morrisville this morning. All four homes are being built on adjacent lots with assistance from volunteers and the future home owners.

The lots are located at 209 Woodland Avenue, which is currently grass and trees. Family program director Stephanie Clark says some families are already hard at work to make their Habitat Home a reality.

“We have two home buyers already selected for lots one and two,” Clark said. “We are currently reviewing applications for lots three and four and we would like to have families selected in the next few weeks.”

Both families are single women with children who just needed a little help to find their way into building and owning their own homes. They will be receiving financial planning education on behalf of the Habitat Home program so they can afford to live in their own home independently.

Volunteer & Outreach Director Colleen Brink says this is the most rewarding part of Habitat Bucks.

“This is a really special day for Habitat for Humanity,” Brink said expressively. “To be able to have this sizable impact all at once in a community which we feel builds on that community is very exciting to us. It’s where our heart is.”

“Building communities and empowering families is our mission statement,” Brink continued. “This project really accomplishes that in a much more compact way. We’re really excited about it.”

Congressman Fitzpatrick speaks at the press conference this morning.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick attended the press conference to congratulate Habitat Bucks on its undertaking.

“Thank all these people here,” Fitzpatrick said motioning to Habitat Bucks volunteers. “These are the people, in addition to the Habitat staff who are volunteering their time and effort. They have a tremendous protocol to make sure the most in-need families are being serviced and it’s a hard job.”