A Bristol Township house is getting an interior demolition today as part of a renovation from the Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County with help from Bank of America employees. Habitat Bucks Construction Director Mike Fallon laid out the ambitious goal his team had of “getting all of the demolition done” on the first day.

Mike Fallon takes WBCB on a tour of the home. Photo by Brianna Williams.

Fallon and his crew will be demolishing the first floor in the morning, and have plans for the plumbing and other utilities.

“We update the heat system, we update all the electric, we put in new finishes everywhere,” Fallon explained. “We’re actually gonna install a bathroom on the second floor, update the downstairs bathroom – its very small. We got some structural issues that we have to address some floor sags stuff like that. It’ll be up to 3 or 4 months.”

Equipment and hard hats sit idle while the construction team is hard at work in other parts of the home. Photo by Brianna Williams.

The Bristol house is not the only location in the area that Habitat for Humanity is working on. Fallon explained that they had a second crew at 303 Holly Drive providing demolition for a house there as well.

Habitat for Humanity is known for providing affordable homes for low income families and building communities, and these two homes are a part of 90 communities that Habitat is working for.

WBCB’s Eli Kurtz and Brianna Williams contributed to this post.