A Levittown man was sentenced Tuesday for his involvement in a gunpoint robbery of a man who followed a dancer home from a strip club.

James Valentine Jr, 22, of Levittown was convicted last month of robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, and nine related offenses.

Deputy District Attorney Edward Louka told Judge Wallace Bateman in court, “This was a planned, gunpoint robbery.” And Valentine was holding the gun.

Picture courtesy: Crime Watch PA — James Valentine, 22

The victim, of New Jersey, was targeted by a dancer at the Sugar & Spice strip club in Morrisville on Sept. 11, 2016. Brandy Wells, who asked him to “hang out” after her shift, planned the robbery with her boyfriend, James Hunt.

Wells told the victim to follow her home so she could change clothes, and he followed her and Hunt in his BMW. The couple stopped briefly to pick up Valentine at his Mitchell Road residence.

The group arrived at the Green Lane Apartments in Bristol Township when the victim’s car overheated and needed help from Hunt. After looking under the hood, the victim found himself, bear hugged and forced to the ground by Hunt.

The victim testified that Valentine pointed a handgun at his face while they demanded his wallet, which had $950 in cash. Valentine then took additional money from inside the car, as well as a ring and a bag in the trunk.

Louka said Valentine was not involved in the planning of the robbery, and that he, weighing 260-pounds, was picked up as “added muscle.”

“The defendant has never apologized to the victims,” Louka said. “At no point has he showed remorse.”

Defense attorney John Fioravanti argued that Valentine was a “last minute” idea.

Bateman sentenced Valentine to serve three to six years in prison for the robbery, a concurrent 10 years of probation for conspiracy and ordered him to pay $2,900 in restitution to the victim.

Valentine also received 12 months of probation for an unrelated misdemeanor drug possession case.

Hunt is awaiting sentence, and Wells failed to appear for trial and has a bench warrant out for her arrest.