Gov. Wolf: “Wear A Mask” When Going Outside

mask, COVID-19
PA Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine (not pictured) recommends people wear any type of face covering, including bandannas. People should save surgical masks and N-95 masks for medical personnel.

Governor Tom Wolf is urging any Pennsylvanians who leave their houses to wear a mask when going outside.

This call for “universal masking” comes two days after Wolf extended his stay-at-home order to the entire state.

“Masks help prevent people from sharing illnesses,” said Wolf. “But, they don’t do a great job at keeping people from getting sick; and, they’re not foolproof, so it is critical that our first act is to ask ourselves if we really need to leave our house. If we don’t really, truly need to leave, then we shouldn’t.”

However, PA Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine says people do not need N-95 masks in these situations. Wearing a mask or bandanna would suffice.

“You don’t need a surgical mask – we need those for our health care workers and first responders. We have guidance on universal masking on our website, including instructions on how to make your own mask using materials you have at home.”

The Center For Disease control made a similar recommendation Friday. It is calling for all Americans to wear cloth or fabric face coverings any time they go outside.

There are 8,420 coronavirus cases in the commonwealth as of Friday. 102 people have died.

The following instructions are taken directly from the PA Department of Health.

Materials needed:

  • Fabric (100% cotton is most effective)
  • Fabric Ties
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or a needle and thread


  • Measure and cut two pieces of fabric in a rectangle pattern to fit snugly around the face (size
    12 inches by 6 inches is standard for adults).
  • Tightly sew both layers together on all edges.
  • Cut fabric ties to fit around the ears.
  • Sew the ties to the insides of the mask on the smaller edge, repeat on both sides.
  • Resew the sides to ensure a tight seal between both pieces of fabric and the earpiece.