A Bucks County funeral director could serve more than a decade in prison after stealing hundreds of thousands from more than 50 of his clients.

David Faust, 54. Photo via Crimewatch.

Faust Funeral director, David Wayne Faust, 54, stole more than 300,000 thousand dollars from people who prepaid their funeral services. The investigation into Faust started when authorities realized several death certificates had forged signatures on them, that the doctors had never signed.

“You are the most manipulative human being I think I have ever met,” said Judge Diane E. Gibbons, who sentenced Faust. “There is nobody you dealt with in the last 20 years that you did not victimize.”

Faust plead guilty in June to the thefts and forgery of signatures and public documents, listing some clients as dead before their actual deaths.

Faust also admitted to forging a physician’s signature to steal $129,000 from the U.S. Social Security Administration. In doing so, he was able to collect disability payments despite not qualifying for them.

Authorities first arrested him in April of 2017, and Bucks County detectives ultimately charged Faust with more crimes in June for his fraud against the prepaid funeral frauds.

Bank statements show 54 pre-paid clients had their funeral expenses stolen. A majority of the victims were more than 60 years old.

He claims his crimes began in 2006, after he became addicted to pain medication due to an injury. However, Deputy District Attorney Marc Furber found his crimes predated the injury in question by seven years.

The trial was delayed several times as Faust told the Judge he could pay back the victims in full, by selling off assets of his own, but came up woefully short of the over $400,000 he owed to the victims. which proved to not be the case.

A weeping Faust apologized to his victims in court when he finally accepted he could not procure the money.

“I totally let you down,” he said, sobbing. “You did not deserve what I did to you. I wasn’t trying to steal from anybody.”

To date, victims of the scam have only received $45,000 from the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which is seen as the last resort to victims.

WBCB’s Keith Noonan contributed to this post.