Full Heart Kids Carnival In Yardley Raises Almost $12,000

A child sits on a police motorcycle at the carnival. Photo by Pennsbury junior Alex Brunette

A carnival in Yardley has raised more than $11,700 for a variety of causes founded in the local area. The 4th annual Full Heart Kids Carnival brought residents to Chester Meadow on Lakeview Drive all through the day this past Saturday.

A child gets to sit on a police motorcycle. Photo by Pennsbury junior Alex Brunette.

Casey Schaeffer organized the event and had help from nearly 30 volunteers. Chick-Fil-A’s Cow, Boomer the Trenton Thunder mascot, author of “The Meaning of Home” Scott Fegley, and many others helped contribute to the fun.

The carnival featured a bounce house, a gyroscope ride, raffles, and more.

Of the total collections, almost $9,000 will be going toward three organizations and funds.

  • A Soldier’s Hands – Founded by local resident Trish Shalenberger, it provides skin care products to troops stationed on the USS Reagan.
  • The Children’s Tumor Foundation – Helps children affect by cancer, including Altana Mukabenov, an 8th grader at Charles Boehm Middle School. Mukabenov is bravely fighting tumors around her airways and heart, and is on her 5th chemo trial.
  • Full Heart Music Scholarship – Awarded to the most improved senior high school music student at Pennsbury High School.