State Rep. Farry Receives Humane Society Award

Credit: @PACapitaldog's Instagram

State Rep. Frank Farry is the newest recipient of the Humane Society’s Legislator of the Year Award. Tuesday, on Humane Lobby Day, Middletown’s Farry was recognized for his work in promoting animal welfare in the Keystone State in Harrisburg. 

The purpose of Humane Lobby Day is to put legislation into the spotlight which addresses issues like animals trapped in hot cars, puppy mills, and Libre’s Law. Named after an abused dog, Libre’s Law was a comprehensive bill which rewrote animal abuse laws to give animals more protections. 

Farry’s legislation made it into the bill, providing police level immunity to Humane Society, or Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals officers.

“PSPCA officers are actual law enforcement, and they’re the ones who are in the street,” Farry elaborated. “They take that burden off our local law enforcement”

Currently, the Hot Cars Bill, which would allow officers or firemen to break into vehicles to save overheating pets is making its way through the Senate after being passed by the House. Farry made sure to point out the common sense parts of the bill so people’s cars wouldn’t be unnecessarily damaged.

“You try to get the owner to open the car first,” Farry said. “You’re also responsible then for taking the animal to the vet for treatment to make sure it’s okay.”

Farry’s next step is to combat the widespread practice of puppy mills, which Farry claims are “reproduction machines.” He hopes to be part of the movement to pass restrictions on puppy mills and their ability to sell the animals they breed.

Farry thanked the Humane Society for the award while holding Bulmers, Farry’s Shih Tzu who has its own Instagram handle @PACapitaldog.