Four Sentenced After 2017 Gas Station Insurance Fraud

David Brian Schilling, 52, and Robert Watts Smith, 63. Image via Crimewatch.

Four residents of Falls and Bristol Townships have pleaded guilty to charges they fraudulently made insurance claims after a gas station fuel mix up in 2017.

Shamsideem Aleem Darden, 40. Image via Crimewatch.

In Jun. of 2017, a truck delivering fuel to the Shell Gas station at the intersection of Hood Blvd and New Falls Road accidentally supplied diesel fuel to a tank for regular gasoline. Several motorists filed real insurance complaints and were reimbursed, but some bad actors abused the situation for profit.

Two residents who have now pleaded guilty to insurance fraud, Robert Watts Smith, 63, and David Brian Schilling, 52, boldly threatened to “go to the media” if their claims were not fulfilled. Schilling followed through on the threat, and 6abc published a story featuring his fictitious plight.

In each instance, the schemers either submitted claims for cars they didn’t own, used fake identities, or both. Schilling is the only exception in claiming a car he did own was damaged, when it was not.

James Christopher Wedul, 45. Image via Crimewatch.

The men, their township of residency, and sentencing are below.

  • Robert Watts Smith, 63, of Bristol Township – Six to 23 months in Bucks County Correctional Facility and pay $22,521.08 in restitution.
  • Shamsideem Aleem Darden, 40, of Bristol Township – Five years probation and pay $19,554.32 restitution.
  • David Brian Schilling, 52, of Falls Township – Three years probation and pay $13,152.38 restitution.
  • James Christopher Wedul, 45, of Bristol Township – Three years probation and pay $3,690.13.