Photo credit: Trevor Newcomb – Felicity in the WBCB studio

This week’s Four Paws Doggie Daycare Adoptable Pet of the Week is Felicity from Diamonds in the Ruff Rescue! Felicity is the patron saint of parents who have lost a child hence her beautiful name. She was a very unexpected rescue since the shelter is extremely full but couldn’t abandon her like so many already have!

Felicity was seized & brought to the shelter after her owner passed away.  One of the volunteers found the clearly pregnant & ready to give birth dog on adoption floor the day before Thanksgiving.

The volunteer then took her into a room away from the general public while adopters were walking through the kennels so she couldn’t be adopted out to a random person and be able to sell her puppies when they were born.

The volunteer eventually found a rescue to take Felicity and her puppies. Unfortunately, the shelter was closed on Thanksgiving Day so this delayed the saving of the dog and emptying the kennel.

During this time the vet at the shelter decided to give her a c section and euthanize her puppies despite her having a rescue as to not take up additional shelter space. She implied that when you have to euthanize dogs for a living, it becomes almost impossible to justify letting a pregnant dog out of a shelter that is going to bring even more Pit Bulls into this world.

The medical notes even clearly state that she was in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy! Then to top it off the original rescues that signed on to take in a pregnant mom jumped ship when the puppies were murdered!

Photo courtesy Diamonds in the Ruff

This poor momma dog is safe now but unfortunately totally heartbroken! She is incredibly sweet. Loves all people and dogs!

Don’t shop, adopt! For more information about Felicity, or any other animal at Diamonds in the Ruff, visit them online at or visit them on Facebook at

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