Former Bucks County Rescue Squad Chief Sentenced To Jail

Scott Bahner, 49
Scott Bahner, 50. Image via Bucks County District Attorney's Office.

A former chief of the Bucks County Rescue Squad must serve between six and 23 months behind bars for stealing more than $150,000.

Scott Bahner, 50, began stealing from the ambulance company in 2009, just nine months after becoming chief. His thefts continued through 2017 for a total of nearly $128,000.

“This defendant routinely and repeatedly betrayed the trust placed in him by the Bucks County Rescue Squad and the citizens and taxpayers who fund and rely on the organization,” said Deputy District Attorney Marc J. Furber.

Prosecutors announced their initial charges against Bahner in March 2019. But when they investigated further, they found more wrongdoing.

Two months later, the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office announced charges linked to Bahner’s work with Bristol Township. He served as the township’s Community Service Officer from 2014 to 2017.

Authorities stated Bahner falsely logged more than 1,750 hours. This allowed him to siphon nearly $30,000 from Bristol Township taxpayers.

Bahner’s actions threw the Bucks County Rescue Squad into economic chaos. Its members questioned whether it would have to close.

“Scott Bahner’s malicious and selfish acts almost ruined the lives of the employees of Bucks County Rescue Squad and tainted the the image of a longstanding, well respected and trusted EMS organization in the community,” said current BCRS Chief Martin Liczbinski.

Instead of going toward helping the BCRS or residents Bristol Township, Bahner put the funds to personal use. Investigators claim the former chief wrote 70 fraudulent checks to himself and his wife

He paid for gas and repairs on his son’s car. Bahner also used the money to purchase three firearms and make payments to the National Rifle Association.

Along with time served, Bahner had to pay back every dollar he stole. He also must serve 36 months probation concurrent with his time behind bars.

His sentence begins on July 6 when he reports to Bucks County Correctional Facility.