“Flowers For Eva” Honors Forgotten Veterans

Photo by Sam Foxwell.

The Washington Crossing National Cemetery held their second annual ‘Flowers for Eva” initiative for veterans. It is inspired by Eva Binns, one of the “Lonely 17” unclaimed veterans honored last year.

Photo by Sam Foxwell.

Flowers for Eva was founded by local marine corps veteran Dan Kholbek, who currently works to uplift unclaimed veterans, alive and gone, through Project NAGA (Never Again Grieve Alone).

“Dan has traveled all over the world, and he’s helped so many veterans,” said John, who worked on Flowers for Eva with Dan.

This year, nearly 70 flower arrangements were hand crafted by Bucks County Community College students and community volunteers alike.

Arrangements were on display from 10 AM to 1 PM on Sunday at the Columbarium area of the Washington Crossing National Cemetery in Upper Makefield. The flower arrangements were placed where the unclaimed vets and Eva Binns are held.

Photo by Sam Foxwell.

After the event, the arrangements were taken to BCCC Newtown Campus to be shown to the community further. They sit out front of the Gateway Center.

“There are so many veterans that are left in the morgue and are unclaimed,” said John. “This is an epidemic we’re facing.”

More information about Dan, Flowers for Eva, and Project NAGA is available on their website here. Find additional photos on the WBCB Instagram page.

WBCB’s Sam Foxwell contributed to this post.