There’s a flash flood watch in effect today throughout Bucks County.

Alex Staarmann, National Weather Service Meteorologist, laid out the timeframe for today’s rainfall.  “The watch is in effect until midnight tonight,” Staarman said. “The heavy showers and thunderstorms that developed in Southeastern and Eastern Pennsylvania will move northward slowly throughout the day.”

Staarmann explained that areas normally affected by rain are in for a long day.

“We’re expecting heavy rain fall to drastically affect areas that have already received heavy ran,” Staarman said.  “Any sort of heavy rain that sets up and persists for long periods will likely lead to flash flooding of roadways and properties.”

Staarmann advocates for commuters to stay alert and active during their drive home.

“Watch for areas that typically see street flooding and areas that are prone to standing water or poor drainage,” Staarmann said.

“Avoid those areas at all costs because those areas are likely to be flooded.”