Five Injured After Tornado Rips Through Trevose, Faulkners Dealership

A gallery of photos from Faulkners and the surrounding area is available at the bottom of this article.

A compilation of images from Faulkners. Photos by Rick Rickman.

A devastating tornado touched down in Trevose near the Neshaminy Mall Thursday night. The winds alone lifted the roofs off several buildings at off the Faulkner car dealership and sent cars flying in the air.

Photo by Rick Rickman.

Bensalem Public Safety Director Fred Harran confirmed five people suffered minor injuries as of Friday morning. It’s a miracle considering some workers and customers were inside when the funnel hit.

“Two hours earlier, this would have been a much different story,” said Harran. “The place would have been crowded with people, a lot more people on the streets. We’re lucky it hit what it hit and we’re lucky it did not cause any loss of life.”

Photo by Rick Rickman

Video obtained by the Bucks County Courier Times shows the seconds right before the tornado struck Faulkner. In the video, several workers are watching right as intense winds blow debris into the garage and they take cover.

Harran tells WBCB it’s his first time seeing the devastation from a tornado up close. He described the aftermath.

“I was standing in it and it was just unbelievable,” said Harran.

“Turnpike signs thrown as if they were popsicle sticks and cars tossed over like Legos. The power of that force is not to be reckoned with.”

Photo by Rick Rickman.

Most of the dealership’s buildings sustained heavy damage. One building completely collapsed, while others are missing roofs.

There are still cars piled on top of one another. Even the large parking lot at Faulkner is completely covered in broken glass and pieces of insulation.

The Penn Valley Mobile Home Park just behind the dealership was ripped to pieces as well. Officials set up an emergency overnight shelter at the Neshaminy Mall where the Red Cross could provide aid.

Snapped trees showed the tornado’s path through the Lowe’s and Walmart parking lots nearby. Crews were hard at work clearing entire trees, branches, and other debris.

The funnel even made its way to the Pennsylvania State Police Trevose headquarters, where it appears winds bent stop signs at the entrance.

There were several road closures in the area through Friday morning thanks to debris. Crews must clear parts of Street Road and Old Lincoln Highway before they can reopen.