Fitzpatrick Volunteer Outreach Effort Update

Congressman Fitzpatrick joins Pat Wandling on Speak Your Piece at the senior expo. Photo by Rick Rickman.

With the suspension of his re-election campaign during the current pandemic, Bucks County Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick is focusing his office on volunteer outreach and information.

Fitzpatrick, a Republican whose district includes all of Bucks County and a portion of Montgomery County, released the following information for local constituents:

Also, he suggested appointments can be made with the American Red Cross to donate life-saving blood, platelet or AB Elite plasma. See the following link for tips on how to stay safe:

The congressman earlier launched a volunteer effort and information site for people interested in donating their time. Call 305-613-6651, or email, or message one of Fitzpatrick’s social media accounts:

Facebook: @BrianFitzpatrickForCongress
Twitter: @BrianFitzUSA
Instagram: @brianfitzusa