State Senator Tommy Tomlinson and Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick opened a new campaign headquarters in Bensalem midday Saturday to kick off the election season.

The two Republicans pride themselves on being independent voices doing what they believe is best for their constituents.

“Tommy is a tremendous human being,” Fitzpatrick said. “He’s someone I’ve looked up to since I was a little kid, literally. I’m a big believer in a being an independent voice, this man is Exhibit A of that. He’s my state senator and I couldn’t be prouder.”

“Always an independent voice,” Tomlinson expanded. “We get criticized for that from party leaders that we don’t carry this moniker or that moniker. I’m very proud to be a Republican, but I’m also proud to be an independent fighter for the people.”

Senator Tomlinson complimented Fitzpatrick right back.

“I love campaigning with Brian. He’s great with people, a great personality, very knowledgeable,” Tomlinson said. “He connects with people and that’s important.”

The November elections are fifteen weeks away and the Bucks County Republican Party is making efforts to get out the vote ahead of schedule with plans to start putting up signs, knocking on doors, and sending out mailers this week.

Campaign volunteers and workers attending the event. Photo by Rick Rickman.

The headquarters, located at 3663 Hulmeville Road, will give local Republicans a place to organize their efforts to reach the community.

About 100 campaign volunteers and workers gathered to see the new location with food, drinks, and campaign signs to go around.

“They’re not just campaign workers, they’re friends,” Fitzpatrick said. “They could be doing anything they wanted with their day today, but they come out here because they love their community. I love those people in there.”

“I have a saying: ‘It’s people above politics,'” Tomlinson added. “We’re just community members. They’re not a hired group coming in and canvasing the area, these are people who live here.”

Representatives Frank Farry and Gene Digirolamo, along with Anthony Sposato who will be opposing Tina Davis in the 141st district, all attended the event to show their support.