Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, yesterday, took the opportunity to discuss his three-part (bipartisan) legislative response to COVID-19, while President Trump was in Allentown visiting a medical manufacturing plant.

Coinciding with his proposed bills, the Republican congressman wants China held 100% accountable for all economic losses in the United States resulting from the ongoing pandemic.

The focus of Fitzpatrick’s legislative package is economic disaster prevention. Each bill is designed to offset the impact another pandemic would have on the economy, now reeling from COVID-19. The package includes: The Made in America Emergency Preparedness Act, the Never Again Small Business Protection Act, and the Never Again International Outbreak Prevention Act.

“We simply cannot outsource our public safety and national security to foreign nations,” said Fitzpatrick. “We must reconstitute our healthcare and public safety supply chain back to the United States.”

“Medical products, protective equipment, pharmaceuticals, emergency response equipment, and all other critical items and materials needed to respond to a national emergency must be produced domestically for domestic consumption, especially during a critical, time-sensitive crisis.”

While asking the president to support all three pieces of his COVID-19 response plan,
Fitzpatrick stressed the importance of holding China accountable for economic losses
related to the pandemic in the U.S.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick represents the First District of Pennsylvania and is a
member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Committee on Transportation
and Infrastructure, and the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe. He
represents all of Bucks County and a portion of Montgomery County.