Fitzpatrick Spending Christmas With Troops Overseas

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick with troops overseas for Christmas in 2018. Photo via Office of Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick will be spending Christmas with American troops in the Middle East. This is the Bucks County Representative’s third consecutive holiday overseas with the military.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick serving Christmas dinner to troops in 2018. Photo via Office of Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick.

Like in past years, Fitzpatrick will be serving dinner to the troops. He will also spend time with members of all branches, especially native Pennsylvanians. During the trip, Fitzpatrick will also listen to military generals for classified briefings.

“Whatever holiday you will be sharing with your family, friends, and loved ones, I’d like to extend my warmest wishes for a spiritual and warm holiday season,” Fitzpatrick said.

“In the spirit of the season, please remember our troops who are serving us overseas, and all those who are dealing with pain, loss or poverty – that this season can be an opportunity for us to reach out to them and tell them that we love and care for them.”

Fitzpatrick spent time in 2007-2008 as an FBI agent as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.