Bucks Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick issued a prepared statement Wednesday following French President Emmanuel Macron’s address to a joint session of Congress. Fitzpatrick called France, America’s original friend and a nation that serves as a vital ally for peace and stability in Europe.

The full statement follows:

“As America’s original friend, France serves as a vital ally for peace and stability in Europe and around the globe. Today’s address solidified the enduring relationship between our two nations, spanning over 240 years and united with the common cause of freedom and prosperity.

“The U.S. must continue to work with France – and other international allies—to push back against violent extremism, rogue nations, and ruthless dictators. We are grateful for their leadership, who along with our British friends, took decisive action against the Assad
regime’s use of chemical weapons.

“Together we must guard against Russian aggression that seeks to undermine and weaken NATO and destabilize Europe.”
Congressman Fitzpatrick is a member of the House Foreign Relations Committee.