Fitzpatrick Heads Toward Victory As 77,000 Mail-In Ballots Remain In Bucks

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick speaks Election Night 2020 as GOP Chair Pat Poprik looks on. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick could be on the verge of winning his third term in the House of Representatives. But there are still at least 77,000 mail-in ballots up for grabs in Bucks County.

305,000 total votes have been counted so far, including 80,000 mail-in ballots. Almost all in-person voting numbers are in except one precinct in Warminster.

As of 11:00 a.m. Wednesday, Fitzpatrick has 188,283 votes in the race for PA-01. His Democratic opponent Christina Finello has 112,060.

With a margin so far of more than 76,000 votes, Finello would need an overwhelming majority of the remaining ballots, even with mail-in ballots arriving in Doylestown through Friday.

Fitzpatrick has not declared victory. Instead, he posted an update shortly after midnight thanking the community. It echoed a speech he gave to allies at Bucks GOP Headquarters.

“We’re looking really, really good right now. Overwhelming numbers,” said Fitzpatrick. “With the new mail-in system in Pennsylvania we make sure all votes are counted before saying anything conclusive.”

In the blue section of Montgomery county included in PA-01, Fitzpatrick has a lead of 21,170 to Finello’s 19,551. Again, this does not include all mail-in ballots.

Boosting Fitzpatrick’s lead are a significant number of Bucks voters who cast their ballots for former Vice President Joe Biden but then split their tickets. Fitzpatrick commented on this split in an on-air live interview during WBCB 1490’s live election coverage.

“One thing we’ve worked hard to do, and I think the election results show that, is reach across the isle, be very bipartisan, be independent thinkers, and try to represent the entirety of the district.”

Unofficial early results for president in Bucks from Wednesday morning. The lead is likely to flip significantly.

Still, mail-in ballots in Bucks are still heavily favoring Democrats over Republicans, according to county election officials. Three out of four mail-in ballots so far have gone for Biden over President Donald Trump.

Right now, Trump has an eight point advantage over Biden. But if the trend continues, Biden will win Bucks by at least five percentage points.