Fitzpatrick Halts Campaign For Coronavirus

Fitzpatrick speaks in support of the End Banking For Human Traffickers Act.

Bucks County Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick said the viral outbreak is his top priority, at this time. The congressman had announced a halt to his campaign during the coronavirus crisis and emphasized community need.

In a statement released today, Fitzpatrick said, “I have determined to make sure our first responders and hospitals have the resources they need during a crisis.”

Fitzpatrick said help is needed in the community and support for local hospitals and non-profits could come in various ways: The American Red Cross is looking for blood donors, Feeding Pennsylvania and local food banks are in need of donations and funds, and medical supplies are needed for hospitals and first responders.

Noting that information in real-time is important, Fitzpatrick cited both the Bucks and Montgomery county health department websites as excellent sources for information. (Fitzpatrick’s 1st congressional district includes a portion of Montgomery Co.)

Fitzpatrick also encouraged visiting for information and helpful tips and ways to remain safe during the outbreak.