Bucks County Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick sharply criticized Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election after the President Trump and Vladimir Putin’s meeting in Helsinki, Monday. The Republican congressman said the president “missed the mark.”  

“Our nation must never tolerate a Russian autocrat that seeks to interfere in our elections,” Fitzpatrick said, in a prepared statement.

 “As a former FBI Special Agent, I support our intelligence community and I stand by their conclusions. President Trump missed the mark today in failing to confront Vladimir Putin on these realities.

“The president must acknowledge that Putin directed Russian actors to interfere and undermine our democratic process. Russia is not our ally and Putin is a KGB thug. We must serve harsh justice to those who engage in activities that threaten our democracy, continue an illegal occupation in Ukraine and support the brutal Assad regime in Syria.”

Last year, Fitzpatrick voted for sweeping new sanctions on Russia. And prior to today’s announcement the congressman co-sponsored bipartisan legislation directing the president to impose sanctions on senior political figures and oligarchs in the Russian Federation and other related Russian entities.     –PW