Bucks County Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick has been named one of the most bipartisan freshman legislators and third most bipartisan member of the House of Representatives — out of the 435 members in the first session of the 115th Congress.

Fitzpatrick said, “It’s time for our leaders to come together to tackle the serious challenges facing our nation – from economic growth and national security, to the opioid epidemic and government corruption.”

“Equally as important: we must do so in a civil, dignified manner that is becoming of American values, viewing those with different viewpoints as a strength to be harnessed, not a quality to be criticized,” Fitzpatrick added. “I’m committed to working with any member of this Congress to break this cycle and make government work for the American people once more.”

The survey was conducted by The Lugar Center’s McCourt School Bipartisan Index and released this week.