Fitzpatrick Blasts Hamas On Recent Attacks

Burning factory in Sderot, which was hit by a rocket from Gaza. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Bucks Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick today condemned Hamas’ continued incendiary attacks against Israel. The most recent attacks targeted the city of Netivot and the Sdot Negev region, which have a partnership with the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.

In a prepared release, Fitzpatrick said, “Hamas terrorists continue launching indiscriminate attacks on Israeli citizens, intentionally targeting women and children, in synagogues and kindergartens. These incendiary attacks against Israel are morally reprehensible and must come to an immediate end.

“When our friends come under attack, we must not be silent. These are not ‘peaceful protests,’ they are acts of terror, carried out with rockets and arson kites, designed to encourage hate and discord. As the de facto ruler of the Gaza Strip, Hamas must be held accountable for these disgraceful and cowardly acts that violate international law.”

Each year, more than 350 Philadelphians visit the city of Netivot and the Sdot Negev region through the Jewish Federation, including teens and young adults. Embracing its relationship with Philadelphia, Netivot hosts a replica of the Liberty Bell.