Fireworks Spur Injuries, Fires In Levittown

30 second exposure of a Roman candle fired in a circular pattern. Note: it is generally considered unsafe to ignite a Roman candle while holding it. Photo by Kevincollins123.

Aside from potential hangovers, Levittown residents are recovering from their various adventures on July 4th involving roman candles, cherry bombs, and other fireworks.

Bristol Township Fire Marshal Kevin Dippolito confirmed there were no major fires in his coverage area. However, Dippolito informed this news organization fire companies responded to two fires caused by people throwing fireworks into the dumpster.

Lower Bucks Hospital is also treating two locals who went too far with various legal explosives.

“We did see two patients both with minor injuries from fireworks last night,” confirmed Director of Emergency Services Rebecca Deuchar. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

Fortunately, the area had no major incidents. Bristol Township Lt. Ralph Johnson confirmed the department issued no citations and did not handle any injuries throughout the day.