Fire Envelops RV On Used Car Lot Used By The Homeless

The Bristol Township Fire Marshal is investigating a peculiar fire involving an RV on a used car lot along Route 13.

The aftermath of the mysterious blaze. Photo by Rick Rickman.

The BargainCars.US lot located at 7401 Bristol Pike has a large green banner boasting cars sold under $5,000. However, it makes no mention of the Cruiser Cross Force camper sitting on its grounds.

This is probably for the best though, as it turns out the camper was reportedly being used as a makeshift home for the homeless without the knowledge of the lot’s owner, according to Fire Marshal Kevin Dippolito.

The fire completely destroyed the camper and severely damaged several vehicles nearby on the tightly packed car lot, breaking windows and burning metal.

The investigation is still ongoing. More details to come as they become available.