This was touted as a historic bill, the once in a lifetime opportunity to overhaul the bulky tax system — criticized, but unchanged for at least 31 years. And it happened.

The election of Donald Trump and Republican majorities paved the way for tax reform and they delivered something great for everyone. Isn’t that what the Republicans and the presidential candidate promised? Bingo! And without the dire warnings and grim projections of the Democrats in Congress. Or their votes.

Now we have it and Donald Trump led the way. It makes you wonder how someone so unpresidential and so unpopular got the ball in the air in the first place and how he assembled a team of Republicans to get over the goal line. It’s nothing short of a miracle, considering the media messengers were on board stirring the political pot, as well.

Middle-class families, average working Americans, that is, will benefit from this with more money coming their way in paychecks and tax credits. Large and small businesses will benefit, thus their employees and the nation should see more and more economic growth.

Not long after the bill was passed Wednesday, several large corporations promised $1,000 bonuses for their workers, hourly wage rate increases and new hires.

This is an amazing accomplishment and the naysayers should stop their yapping about the disaster that awaits. Congress needs to continue on the path of reform in many other areas and issues – and I suspect they will.

President Trump managed to pull this off – the non-politician, unschooled in the ways of Washington, or governance. He pulled it off because he has a dogged determination to win and the street smarts to make it happen. -PW

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